Taking responsibility does not come naturally to Evan Bardo. After 37 years of life, getting him to bite down on accountability is still like pulling baby teeth. But when Evan accidentally hurts his only son, Wiley, during a dirt biking escapade, he’s forced to face the mirror of his actions. Nearly blinded by the incident, Wiley will now need a cornea transplant to undo his father’s recklessness. Evan’s wife, Becka, has grown all too accustomed to these boys-will-be-boys incidents, but this one is her last straw. She absconds with Wiley to await his surgical donor at her mother’s house. If it weren’t for Evan’s health insurance through his job as a commercial real estate inspector, Becka would be gone for good this time.

Trying to keep his family intact and facing the crushing costs of Wiley’s procedure, Evan begs for additional shifts from his mercenary bottom feeder boss, Garrison. Enlisted to inspect an abandoned government facility that a company plans to convert into a school, Evan can’t help but roll up his reluctant sleeves. But inside the derelict underground network of snaking tunnels, Evan encounters something that will change his life… eternally.  Dust-covered control rooms with heat-deformed machines betray a onetime research facility that suffered some kind of meltdown. Archaic computers insist this place was a government lab. A 60’s particle collider hidden underground, its true purpose never confessed on the surface.

Lured into the cavernous tunnel by curiosity, Evan suddenly experiences the inexplicable. A ghostly woman races at him from the darkness shouting in indecipherable Chinese. Just as quickly, she’s gone. Days after this terrifying encounter, Evan begins to see hallucinations all around him. The faces of friends and family distort into strangers from unknown eras, flashes of memories that aren’t his own invade his thoughts. Words from languages he doesn’t speak start to inexplicably make sense to him, like those the wraith-like woman had shouted in Chinese. Has some aftermath of those underground experiments infected his mind?

His paranoia mounting, Evan takes refuge in his comfort zone of irresponsibility. Gathering together a group of estranged college friends, Evan hosts a reunion to distract from his deepening psychosis and fractured family. But no solace arrives with his comrades. Instead, he’s struck by even more vivid and horrifying hallucinations in their company. Without warning, his time-trusted friends seem to morph into eerie strangers Evan doesn’t recognize. His most detailed visions come by way of college crush, Kayli. She seems to offer Evan a window onto an entirely different era he can’t begin to comprehend. Desperate for answers, Evan all but kidnaps onetime love Kayli and takes her to confront one of the only surviving scientists from the condemned facility. 

Evan and Kayli share a transcendent experience that reveals the astounding truth behind Evan’s visions. These are no mere hallucinations, but glimpses into Evan’s past lives and their karmic debts that are now coming due. Evan confronts the startling realization that some of the people closest to him are actually the reincarnations of souls he’s killed in past lives. The most significant of whom is Evan’s own boss, Garrison, who moves in on Becka and Wiley as a father figure. But this caretaker gesture is anything but pure as Garrison plots a twisted revenge that began in his adversarial past life with Evan. 

Now Evan must battle Garrison for the fate of his family. Evan’s karmic quest ends where it began… inside the tunnel. There, he harnesses its gateway into the past in order to redeem his present. But reckoning with Garrison means Evan will be tested with the ultimate responsibility, willingness to sacrifice himself for his family’s survival. Triumphing over Garrison, his nemesis across lifetimes, Evan is able to resurrect his relationship with his wife and heal his son. In a profound time-bending realization, he solves the riddle of his own soul and is able to still the karmic Spiral. 

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