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After experiencing a time distortion in an abandoned government test site, Evan Bardo must now face his past lives, as the reincarnations of people he's harmed across eras begin hunting him in his present.


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Consider that relatively low budget horror/thrillers like A Quiet Place and Get Out are proving the current zeitgeist and have each grossed well over 300 million internationally. Spiral seeks to capitalize on this trend and target this same voracious audience. 



In recent years, the low budget metaphysical horror-thriller It Follows garnered well over $20 Mil at the box office and the supernatural thriller The Witch won Best Director at Sundance and has grossed $40 Mil to date. This all bears witness to high quality indie filmmaking in the same genre as Spiral financially performing better than ever before! Low production budgets like these can clearly yield extraordinary financial returns. 

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